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Advanced Anti Spam filtering

  • Mail header, raw body and text body analyzed for spam patterns
  • DNSBL checks of the mail servers through which the mail was relayed
  • URIBL checks of the URI, links in a mail
  • Regular expression pattern checks for commonly occuring spam patterns
  • Network checksums to find patterns which other people tagged as spam
  • Good reputation for frequent communicators with whom your organization has had several email threads to and fro. Leads to zero false positives for those in your addressbook.
  • Catches 99.98% spam

Accurate Anti Virus and Phishing protection

  • Protects against Polymorphic or Self-Encrypting Viruses
  • Stealth Viruses
  • Email-Viruses
  • Viruses for windows, linux, unix
  • Java applet viruses
  • Macro viruses infecting MS Word doc files, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Help files etc
  • Internet worms
  • Trojans
  • Checks for viruses within compressed archive files like zip files
  • Catches phishing attacks
  • Updates AV signatures every 5 minutes

Install within 5 minutes

Whether you are deploying on an existing linux server or on a virtual machine. Or installing on a cloud based linux server on Amazon EC2 / Rackspace Cloud / Linode or other VPS providers, you can setup a fully functioning email filter within 5 minutes.

Advanced management web interface

Manage with ease from anywhere using a web browser. Maintaining anti virus, anti spam settings, mail domains, trusted relay hosts, whitelist and blacklists have never been easier.

Integrate any e-mail server

Integrate any e-mail server via SMTP. Works with any standard SMTP e-mail server like Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, Exim, Zimbra, Exchange, Lotus Notes etc.

Search your mail logs

Search all email transactions including SMTP connections, email delivery confirmation, spam / virus quarantine. Confidently answer user questions like "Did my mail get delivered to the recipient?", "I am expecting an important email from a client. Did it get rejected or something?" etc.