Anti spam features

Advanced Anti Spam filtering

  • Mail header, raw body and text body analyzed for spam patterns
  • DNSBL checks of the mail servers through which the mail was relayed
  • URIBL checks of the URI, links in a mail
  • Regular expression pattern checks for commonly occuring spam patterns
  • Network checksums to find patterns which other people tagged as spam
  • Good reputation for frequent communicators with whom your organization has had several email threads to and fro. Leads to zero false positives for those in your addressbook.
  • Catches 99.98% spam

Accurate Anti Virus and Phishing protection

  • Protects against Polymorphic or Self-Encrypting Viruses
  • Stealth Viruses
  • Email-Viruses
  • Viruses for windows, linux, unix
  • Java applet viruses
  • Macro viruses infecting MS Word doc files, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Help files etc
  • Internet worms
  • Trojans
  • Checks for viruses within compressed archive files like zip files
  • Catches phishing attacks
  • Updates AV signatures every 5 minutes

Install within 5 minutes

Whether you are deploying on an existing linux server or on a virtual machine. Or installing on a cloud based linux server on Amazon EC2 / Rackspace Cloud / Linode or other VPS providers, you can setup a fully functioning email filter within 5 minutes.

Advanced management web interface

Manage with ease from anywhere using a web browser. Maintaining anti virus, anti spam settings, mail domains, trusted relay hosts, whitelist and blacklists have never been easier.

Integrate any e-mail server

Integrate any e-mail server via SMTP. Works with any standard SMTP e-mail server like Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, Exim, Zimbra, Exchange, Lotus Notes etc.

Search your mail logs

Search all email transactions including SMTP connections, email delivery confirmation, spam / virus quarantine. Confidently answer user questions like "Did my mail get delivered to the recipient?", "I am expecting an important email from a client. Did it get rejected or something?" etc.

Add disclaimer / footer

Add a disclaimer or footer to every incoming and outgoing mail passing through. Provide end user assurance about email security and conform to state regulations. Can be added to both text and html emails.

Dynamic recipient lookup

Dynamic recipient lookup for email addresses belonging to your domain on the fly using SMTP. No hassle of maintaining user lists at two places.

Reserve connections

Even on the face of a zombie attack or a denial of service attack, emails that matter to you must reach you. Our intelligent connection throttler will reserve certain connections to people known to you.

Fuzzy whitelist

The problem with email is that it can be spoofed easily. So when you whitelist someone, you can be rest assured that an imposer spoofing a whitelisted email id wont be allowed based on that merit alone.

Automatic updates

Updates to our spam and virus engines are automatic and done every 5 minutes, since the threats spread fast and the window of opportunity for an infection has to be kept to a bare minimum.

Intelligent sender alerts

Rejecting the connection in real-time avoids any "backscatter" problems associated with an email system accepting delivery, closing the connection, and then trying to return the mail to a potentially forged address after the message is determined to be spam.

Awesome support

No issue escalation wait time. No cut & paste FAQ. You would always be able to talk to developers directly who have been in the email filtering field for a decade now.

Inbound and Outbound Filtering

OpenProtect scans both your incoming as well as outgoing emails. Incoming mails are scanned for spam, viruses, phishing and other malware whereas outgoing mails are scanned for viruses, phishing and other malware.

Simple Analytics

Keep your eye on analytics that matter to you. We have found that most of the time, the multifarious reports that anti spam filters offer are seldom used, not even looked upon. Guess what ? we simplified it to two stats - number and size of different categories of mails. These two stats are the most important when it comes to the wellbeing of mail flow.

Never lose another email

Spam filtering is never 100% right. So what happens when spam filters classify your important mails as spam ? It is either rejected or accepted and quarantined silently both of which are quite undesirable. Openprotect does the right thing by rejecting at SMTP level and at the same time quarantining the mail for you.

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How does Openprotect ...

OpenProtect supports any SMTP based e-mail server. For inbound mails, OpenProtect acts as your front facing e-mail server receiving mail, filtering it and relaying it to your email server. For outbound mails, OpenProtect acts as your email smarthost, receiving mail from your mail server and relaying it to the external domains.
You can run Openprotect off a separate physical server running a Linux distribution (We suggest Ubuntu for servers). If not you can run a virtual server using VMWare or Virtualbox.
OpenProtect runs on all Linux distributions (Redhat, RHEL, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware) on x86 (32-bit) / x86_64 (64-bit) hardware.